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New Evidence for Water Plumes on Europa


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A new analysis of data from the Galileo space probe reveals additional evidence for water plumes from Jupiter's moon Europa. Such plumes had already been suspected to exist in images taken by the Hubble Space Telescope. The fact that changes at Europa, suggesting water plumes, were found in the same part of the moon as the supposed plumes in the Hubble images was intriguing.

 It's thought that such plumes bring up water from the ocean beneath Europa's icy crust. It's been theorized that this ocean might provide a haven for living organisms. If there is a 'hot spot' on Europa, where water plumes appear repeatedly, this could enhance the chances of a future space probe sampling and analyzing the water for signs of life. 

Please find a link, below, to an article with further details:


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It's got to be a lot more straight forward to fly a probe through a geyser to sample the water, especially when you consider the alternative, i.e. drilling through hundreds of meters of ice and deploying a submersible probe.

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Ever since I read Arthur C. Clarke's 2001, 2010, and 2061 I've been fascinated with Europa. I hope evidence of life is conclusively found there in my lifetime.

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