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Haunted/Abandoned Places

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Do you guys know any haunted or abandoned places in NRW Germany? Or any in the netherlands? Ive been looking at some that i can drive to but most of them are too far away for me to drive. Thank you! :) 

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have to check out th elink. I know of a ghostly bar of light near Gambach,Bavaria. I know about it because my dad told me. it happened to his great grandmother. Her family went to a neighboring village for a festival. they were returning late that night  on this path that went over a hill. At some point, when they were on the path, they picked up a strange bar of light hovering in the air behind them. Well this bar of light followed them until they got to a roadside shrine. The light hovered in the air and didn't follow them any further. Then it disappeared. Her father made inquires, and was told by some of the older villiagers that yes they knew of the light. They said the path had been used in the Children's Crusade ,and that a girl had been murdered on it. That was the reason for the shrine, it was dedicated in her memory.

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