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Rachel Dolezal Accused of Welfare Fraud

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3 hours ago, Lilly said:

I’ve stood within 10 feet of Ms Warren, she is white as white can be with blond hair and blue eyes.  She is not a Native American. 

Be careful with that Lilly.  I knew a blue-eyed blonde brother and sister in Seattle that were Russian / Inuit kids.  Stocky and high cheek boned, they could have been pure Slavs, but their mom was 100% Alaska native.   Some of us are a little bit Indian looking but not a bit of it in the blood.  My family was Scotch/ Irish with a Mexican great grandma in Texas.  My dad and I both are dark haired and eyed with  tan skin and prominent noses.  Quite handsome I would say, but not your typical Scots..  My sisters and my aunts are mostly blonde, or at least fair.  None look like my dad or me. Genetics is an interesting topic.

But enough of that.  Elizabeth Warren is a politician.  They are not known for honesty.

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