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Still Waters

Kind stranger pays for couple's shopping bill

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Still Waters

A couple left unable to pay for their shopping because of a pension mix-up were left speechless when a generous stranger bought it for them.

When Jean and Alan Young finally reached the front of a ‘mile-long’ queue at Aldi, Alan’s card was declined.

He asked the cashier to keep his shopping so he could pop home to find out what was going on.

When he returned to the store in Milnrow, Rochdale, to ask if it could be kept one more day until his pension came through the cashier told him how a kind stranger had paid for his £49 shop.


£49 = 65.21 USD

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Black Monk
Posted (edited)

That's what us Northerners are like. Much nicer than those Southerners.

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Good deed, pay it forward.

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