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Still Waters

Tragic tale of nursing mother's snakebite

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Still Waters

A mother and her three-year-old daughter have been killed in India after the woman was bitten by a snake.

Not realising she had been attacked, the woman began breastfeeding her child. Both died before they could reach a hospital.

The news comes the same day as the World Health Organization declared snake bites a "global health priority".

Between 81,000 and 138,000 people are killed by snake bites each year, with around half of all deaths in India.


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I doubt that the baby died from breast feeding after the mother was bitten because the snake bite produces venom and not poison.  If ingested the venom, at least of most snakes, would not survive the processes that take place in the digestive tract.  It may sound strange but I have seen Rattlesnake venom taken internally with no ill effects at all.  This was done to prove this point and the person that did it was an expert on venomous snakes. The venom has to be injected into the bloodstream to do it's damage.

Also I find it hard to believe that the woman did not know she had been bitten as a snake bite usually is quite painful and the effects of the bite usually start to occur rather quickly.  Now I am not an expert on snakes or snakebites and have never had any official training regarding these things but I have, in my younger days, spent a lot of time with people that were experts in the field.  Also I have caught and handled many venomous snakes in my life but never been bitten myself and I consider myself very lucky as I look back over some of the things that I did.  The snakes that I handled were all snakes found in the US such as rattlesnakes, copperheads, cotton mouths, etc.  I never handled any of the more deadly snakes that are found in other countries.

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