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Intense connection with a stranger

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Okay so bear with me here, I will try to give all relevant details as succintly as I can.

I am a 30 year old female who has been in two minds her whole life. One part of me is a huge skeptic  (I can find ways to justify things scientifically most of the time, and I appreciate scientific thinking) but the other half of me is a complete hopeless for all that science can not explain.

Growing up through to my early 20s, I had some strange encounters which I've dismissed as "coincidence" and "bound to happen, statistically", whilst the other me has always had the nagging feeling that there is more to it.

I feel I've been very unfortunate, yet fortunate at the same time (there is always this clean crisp duality of everything in my life). For eg, had so many things work out for me which should not have worked out and am somehow always okay, and yet most of the people who know me are constantly baffled by how things keep going wrong for me through no fault of my own, and I always get comments like "I've never seen anything like it " from people of different environments and situations who do not know each other.

I've had a few dreams that were so bizarre and random, that when they came true the following day, it could not be explained by self-fulfilling prophecies because they were about other people whom I was not close to.

So that's a very quick summary but here is my current issue:

Every couple of years, I meet someone and we have an instant connection. We start off as strangers, and within 30 mins we feel we have known each other a lifetime and it turns into something long term. 

So now I have been with my partner for 5 years. I wanted him when I first saw him, and we felt somewhat of a connection, but mostly ended up being really good mates who sort of slid into a relationship. Technically, we are great, we love each other, lots in common etc. But I feel a stronger connection than I have previously before, with another guy. I only know his name because I've heard his colleague say it. I see him briefly every morning. He isn't "good looking", yet i find myself yearning to be near him. For eg, one day I went to the shopping centre and I knew he was at work elsewhere but something inside me said "what if he is here?". As i went to the check out, what do you know, he is standing right next to me and I absolutely buckled and couldnt talk back as much as I would have wanted to because of how freaked out I was. Turns out he finished work early.

There are moments we have forced small talk, but instantly feel how absurd the small talk is. He seems to want to keep the conversation going by asking me less trivial things, but we are very time-restricted. Minutes really.

I feel like I know him. Or like we've been here before. When I daydream, it feels so incredibly real that when I snap out of it it takes a moment to realise it was a daydream, and my heart feels so broken. I've never felt it this strongly. I have a boyfriend. I dont know if this guy feels the same or not. He is very frienfly so it is hard to tell. But I just wanted to know if anyone has ever felt this with someone where the daydream seems more real than your reality. I have reached a point where I would rather be lying down daydreaming, than living in my reality - which is bizarre for me.

So, does anyone have similar stories, and what did you do? How did it end?


Sorry for such a long post. I just can not tell anyone and my chest feels like its going to explode from keeping it in :/


Thanks in advance

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Chemical attraction. Pheromones do that.:tu: 

Some people "smell" them better than others.

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