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Lost Pendant and Watch

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I lost a jade pendant a while back that has great sentimental value. I lost it coming home from work and wondering if there is ever a chance I will get it back. As it is of great sentimental value I can't tell my family and it is making it hard to see them. I would like a reading on its whereabouts  and how to approach the situation if it is gone for good as my family is questioning its whereabouts

With questions regarding this jade questions have also come up regarding an expensive watch I lost (A Ball watch). I last saw it in my home and i am wondering if it is still somewhere and where. I also suspect that I may have thrown it in a give away bag and want to know if it is worth calling the charity. Once again if it is gone I don't know how to tell my family as I have always had executive function issues so losing things is always an issue

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Mark One

Its been a very long time since I dug out my cards, Fairytattgirl.  So I hope the three cards that fell away as I shuffled are meaningful and helpful.

2 of spades: A broken connection.  A dispirited situation that cannot evolve.  It warns you not to become deeply distracted by something that is out of your hands for now.  The 2 shows that you have to make a decision and then get back on with your life.

2 of hearts: Be firm and strong, do what as to be done to re-steer your energies back onto that track of your life.  A partner or close relative shows up here.  Stormy news.  This 2 is saying to you -  remember that every storm comes and passes.

6 of Hearts: Transition.  The memories and consequences of the persons life.  A union or connection will dissolve.  A blury situation that will resolve itself in the next few weeks.  Any minor consequences experienced will be short lived.

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