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Turn Off Your 'Assistant' Technology

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I would suggest everyone think about how your 'personal assistant' technology might be listening to your private business.

See here: https://www.usatoday.com/story/tech/columnist/komando/2017/09/29/how-stop-your-devices-listening-and-saving-what-you-say/715129001/

While it might be convenient...I've decided it's just not worth the risk. 

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Posted (edited)

From the link:


Finally, there is Cortana, the voice-activated system from Microsoft. Similar to the other on this list, Cortana can answer questions, do searches, set appointments, and open applications. The wake phrase is "Hey Cortana." Just like the others, Cortana has raised some eyebrows.

Here’s how to turn off "Hey Cortana": Open Cortana on your Windows computer, select the Notebook icon in the right column, click on Settings then toggle "Hey Cortana" to off.

This is the one that affects me.  :unsure2:

I really like the ability to do voice searches, I keep thinking of "Computer!" on Star Trek. :lol:

Good to know Lilly, thanks for posting that.

ETA: I just tried it and I have to manually tap the microphone button. When I said "Hey Cortana" I got the pleasant female voice saying "That's me" :rofl:

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I think these virtual assistants are great for people with physical disabilities. But I won't use these assistants myself for privacy reasons.

I saw a TV show where a murderer was convicted partly because of web searches made on a smart phone on "how to murder someone".

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