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The Kern City poltergeist: a case severely ..

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The Kern City poltergeist: a case severely straining the living agent hypothesis

Now, one of the questions Dr Betty addresses in his reflection is the origin of what in modern terms is termed Recurrent Spontaneous Psycho-Kinesis (RSPK), better known as Poltergeist activity. Ever since this kind of disturbances were first reported, researchers and scholars have considered two hypotheses. In certain cases, poltergeist effects can be attributed to a living agent, a ‘poltergeist focus’ (if such an individual can be identified, which is not always the case), and it is sometimes assumed that the manifestations reflect some form of psychological tension within that person, or changes associated with puberty. In other cases, hauntings are attributed to discarnate spirits who, for one reason or another, have failed to make a satisfactory transition from their earthly life to the presumed afterlife.

Following the in-depth investigation of one particular case he carried out in the early 1980s in Bakersfield, California (where his University is located), Dr Betty argues that not only the living agent hypothesis could not apply in that particular instance, but that the deceased agent hypothesis provides a better fit for poltergeist cases in general.

The original article, appeared in 1984 in the the Journal of the Society for Psychical Research, provides all details of the investigation and makes for riveting, fascinating reading. More below 





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My first thought is that there are probably cases of both types; 'living agent' and ''spirit agent'.

This sadly neglected field needs a good refining. But we are still heavily  in the age where an arrogant materialist science still rules the mainstream academic roost.......but I digress.

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