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The Great Pyramid (G1)

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5 minutes ago, Golden Duck said:

I think @Advenix may be talking about the enclosed space, or counter, in the numeral itself. But, curiously they left out '4'.

I'm sure there's a reason coming. 

Advenix and reason should not be uttered in the breath.

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9 hours ago, Advenix said:

Yes, of course, the ||80 arrangement would be a pure coincidence if it were not for a strong indication based on probabilistic models that other intelligence has been around this planet - a super-super advanced civilization very likely responsible for the cultural and technological development of human species. This has been the topic of my scribble from the beginning, but you keep arguing your point regardless.

You know,if there's a "super-super advanced civilization responsible for cultural and technological development of human species", they're REALLY bad at it.   They have to be one of the most blisteringly dismal, disorganized, civilizations with the most inept method of communicating in the entire galaxy.  Or the Universe. 

The monumental ineptitude of their methods and the complete ineptness of this proposed group of culture guiders is a strong indication that NO technologically advanced group has been involved in changing the culture of homo sapiens (or any group of hominids.) 


It appears that some ancient civilizations experienced unexpected beneficial interference, and the concept of deities was born as a consequence. So the Egyptians had a good reason to believe that knowledge comes from gods. The interference is still detectable - it shapes and directs the present and future development of human species, whose natural mental capacities appears to be way bellow it's accomplishments.

The "gods" there are pretty bad at delivering knowledge to the Egyptians.  They could have easily given the entire Egyptian civilization pottery, alphabet, schools, water wheels, water power, effective medicine, basic glassmaking, decent plowing harnesses, crop breeding techniques, archery, sailing technology, and metallurgy within 100 years.  All those things could have been done with the materials and culture and technology the Egyptians had back in 4,000 BC.  It took them up until the New Kingdom to get most of that -and in many cases they were the last to get the technology (iron working was something they got after most of the Middle East civilizations got it.)

Now, if there had been REAL "gods" delivering knowledge to the Egyptians, they would have had all that and they would have been exporting it to other cultures.


Here is one of the path leading toward the Great Pyramid of Giza. When you write number 280 and show it to someone, that number can mean anything in the domain of quantities or measurements. But if you write the number in a triangular format with 8 on top of 20, then the way the number is written may narrow the list of all possibilities, which is by itself virtually endless. And so, a person familiar with the original dimensions of the Great Pyramid can successfully justify his or her guess that the number 280 written in triangular fashion may refer to the original height of the Great Pyramid.

It could refer to any number of things... if it was supposed to refer to the Great Pyramid, then that would be the only thing it could possibly refer to.  But 8 on top of 20 could be a fraction, the number of planets in our solar system versus the number of planetoids, the average number of descendants of 4 sets of grandparents, the 20th sentence on the 8th page, etc, etc, etc.


The remarkable thing is the simple ingenuity of the designer of Great Pyramid, who encoded his name into the number 280 written in the triangular format with 8 on top of 20. Since T is the 20th letter of English alphabet, the name starts with T and is strongly associated with number 8.

...except that Thoth isn't spelled "Thoth."  The Egyptians spelled his name as Djehuty.  And there weren't 26 letters in their alphabet.


This hypothesis can never be elevated into anything close to theory, because Man is known to decide according to his whim and not reason when "given freedom."

That contradicts your first statement.

If we were "guided" so that all the above (the alignment of numbers, the letter T and so forth) were true, that means that we are no more than programmed clockwork beings and we could no more reject having that pushed onto us than we could reject using our lungs to breathe.  IF (as you just said) we were "given freedom" then nobody forced us to develop the constantly changing English language and all the other things and therefore the associations are random.

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With apologies to all of the other posters, I have had enough of this thread and the ridiculous plunge it has taken into childish make-believe.

Advenix has chosen to ignore all of my warnings and appeals for explanations, and he doesn't get to do that.

As such, I am putting an end to this absurdity and am closing the thread.

Advenix, if you care to show some maturity, please PM me and explain yourself, as I've already requested. Personally I do completely believe you're making it up as you go along, because none of this can or will be taken seriously by educated people. If you can explain yourself to me as to why you're posting this stuff, I might consider re-opening the thread,

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