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Still Waters

Goats hired to help prevent deadly wildfires

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Still Waters

Portugal is using goats to help help prevent the deadly summer wildfires that last year killed 106 people.

Dozens of herds have been hired by the government to munch through the thick undergrowth that covers the country's hills and makes wildfires a regular summer occurrence.

While it is the first time Portugal has deployed the animals to help prevent wildfires, they have been used for decades in the US - especially California and the Pacific Northwest - as an environmentally friendly way to limit the impact of fires.


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It's not "environmentally friendly" Their feces put too much nitrates in the soil. Controlled burning is the only thing that solves the duff and scrub problem. But god's forbid people want their expensive homes ashy and sooty ( see: California wildfires, Pine Barren wildfires)

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