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Miss Meeseeks

Story with NO name

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Miss Meeseeks

The following is a recent entry that I've completed for a book I 'hopefully' can publish in the future. I'm not sure about a title just yet, but it's about me documenting my life daily on my point of view of living with depression for eight years without medication and little to no support. So I must warn in this entry and future ones theres going to be suicidal tendencies and content. So if ur some who has experienced depression either urself or lost someone close to suicide then pls leave this thread and speak 2 someone. Now enough of that heres my first entry:

"Day 10,


It was a slow start to the morning due to the coldness in the air against warm bony flesh. I am ready to begin volunteering for the disability and aged residents of the community at the town hall. 


It wasn't anything exciting as it was a planning day to prepare the residents for their movie trip to see the Incredibles 2. Which I'm not going due to the cost and having little to no interest in kid shows... (The volunteers pick a range of PG movies for both the residents with a disability and the elderly. sSome of the members have cant handle flashing lights and scary things and all that.....)


I've finally gotten the rough copy of the year planner so now I have a rough idea on what's going to happen as a volunteer. So far this experience has been an eye opener for me. In which I believe it's an important spiritual lesson I need to learn as regards to taking my good life for grante." (Meaning that deep down I know my cause of death would be suicide)

Well thats my piece of work, by all means i'm no professional so dont expect PERFECT gramma and spelling. Moving on I'll be posting regularly on my profile.



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