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Oldest giant dinosaur unearthed in Argentina


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Nice find! Absolutely fascinating ^_^. I'm loving the name as well, 'Ingentia Prima', has a nice ring to it even though it's Latin for 'First Big' or something along those lines :D.

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One thing that's interested me about dino's is there size, why did they become so big? One of the reasons has to be competition with other Dino's but there are also problems caused by growing very large. 

My thought is the climate could also be a factor. Did the Earth experience extreme weather events?

High winds from tornado and hurricanes,  flooding events caused by annual monsoons in some areas of the globe driven by a warmer world. 

If so being larger may have helped survive the climate at that time.  

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We're putting more CO2 in the atmosphere, so watch your lizards and birds.  I wonder if this is just part of some vicious cycle.  Dinosaurs come and go.  Man comes and overloads the atmosphere with CO2.  Earth heats up.  Ice caps melt.  Humans die and Dinos come back.

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21 minutes ago, paperdyer said:

  Humans die and Dinos come back.

22 minutes ago, paperdyer said:


 That sounds like a good plot for a movie. :D 


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That is interesting. Ingentia Prima is about 10 m long and 10 tonnes which is very small for sauropod standards but nonetheless it's a giant dinosaur known from Triassic.

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