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On My Way to the Stone

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On my way to the stone

The ground is cold,

The worms await

And remember nothing. 

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Helen of Annoy

I remember. 

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Stones crumble in time so cherish hard hearts and frozen forms that can melt so hurry grab a chisel

On 7/11/2018 at 10:15 AM, StarMountainKid said:

On my way to the stone

The ground is cold,

The worms await

And remember nothing. 

Nothing, remember and await, worms, the cold is ground, the stone, the to way, my on:reversed ordered remixed from original prose by DM SMK.


and then....

Thus my off way to the stone that sings when none else does or can

and again in this form of storytellers we approach the stony ground with chisels

None is a commandment just a set of clauses to explain the way we are living in for another set of current

causes of some lost and found like lovers losing cardigans by the crying trees by losing territory

and the fertile is found on sides of mountains like terrascapes, or freedmen with ability to expand beyond the manor and surfdom by simple iron&woodwork innivation

Plow to mow no more please use a scythe and billhook for lawn work care to xeroscape anti hyper reality by metals alagamed words rise up in iron golem or tigers morning dirge

creation of the iron way to till what was before unclaimed up side the mountain chain again like the two descendants of colonel benavides who served us all well

In the Confederacy, the lands of both continents and more, the lady saint of death like the three marys who stayed with the three flayed upon cross or pike,

on that place some say to go to be saved, on the hill of skulls, golgotha, calvary, just like when a human baby born among the many animal babies again

No men we know of stayed by the birth side beds, the mary did, the three magi from the land we call iran, and a shepherd or two stayed for sure

Yet they say we cry wolf when all we cry is official introductions at court, in town, or at festival to say here are the Wolves again for boy cried wolf to alert all what he was 

Predator of them and yours from romantic roar rah complex to valentine for columbine fanboys dont protest we lathchkey hikomori script kids and phreaks of love like phelony stalked miss canada diana and mispelled her hacked account

Now Remus and Romulus were none other than tweedle dee and tweedle dum as reinvented by team Nemesis singing munchies for your bass 

Or the way Etruscan Discipline was vast and birthed by young women and old ones too and I am certain of the type you recently knew



These works did not present prophecies or scriptures in the ordinary sense: the Etrusca Disciplina foretold nothing itself. The Etruscans appear to have had no systematic ethics or religion and no great visions. Instead they concentrated on the problem of the will of the gods: questioning why, if the gods created the universe and humanity and have a will and a plan for everyone and everything in it, they did not devise a system for communicating that will in a clear manner.

The Etruscans accepted the inscrutability of their gods' wills. They did not attempt to rationalize or explain divine actions or formulate any doctrines of the gods' intentions. As answer to the problem of ascertaining the divine will, they developed an elaborate system of divination; that is, they believed the gods offer a perpetual stream of signs in the phenomena of daily life, which if read rightly can direct humanity's affairs. These revelations may not be otherwise understandable and may not be pleasant or easy, but are perilous to doubt.

The Etrusca Disciplina therefore was mainly a set of rules for the conduct of all sorts of divination; Pallottino calls it a religious and political "constitution": it does not dictate what laws shall be made or how humans are to behave, but rather elaborates rules for asking the gods these questions and receiving answers.

Cicero said[9]

For a hasty acceptance of an erroneous opinion is discreditable in any case, and especially so in an inquiry as to how much weight should be given to auspices, to sacred rites, and to religious observances; for we run the risk of committing a crime against the gods if we disregard them, or of becoming involved in old women's superstition if we approve them.

He then quipped, regarding divination from the singing of frogs:

Who could suppose that frogs had this foresight? And yet they do have by nature some faculty of premonition, clear enough of itself, but too dark for human comprehension.

Siouxsue & the banshess * kiss them for me

Kate bush * this woman's work

Groove coverage * god is a girl

Lost tribe and oakenfold remix * game master

Imperio * cyberdream

Imperio * wings of love

Book of love * i touch roses and boys

An unlisted song for this playlist will be spotified but the 8tracks version cannot contain the 9th song either....




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