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Still Waters

Will on-demand electric scooters be a hit?

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Still Waters

Kyle Ramirez has surrendered his entire living room to electric scooters.

The 30-year-old tattooist’s apprentice spends his evenings collecting them from around the city of Oakland, California - one of more than a dozen across the US that have seen an invasion of the on-demand vehicles - before taking them back to his house to be put on charge.

Kyle is a vital part of an industry that is roaring into life thanks to more than $1bn in investment from the likes of Google and Uber.

Ambitions to bring the GPS-tracked vehicles to Europe and Asia are well underway, propelled by a feeling that scooters offer a fun, cheap alternative to short car journeys.


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They sure are popping up in a lot of cities and are more fun than riding around in a car for short trips

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