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Dream- Killing the Devil - what does it mean?

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I had this dream when I was about 13, hadn't seen my father in man many months. Him and my mother had gotten a divorce about 2 years before. So this dream goes as follows; 

My father and I live together, just us. Our house is extraordinary, but it's also an owl zoo. It's morning and I'm standing in the kitchen making myself a bagel. My dad walks a group of tourists through our kitchen into the living room, where some owls stay. I walk to the pantry and next thing you know, I'm standing on a cliff of a rock, like the one in Lion King. Everything is burning low, like there was fire. Ashes and demons everywhere, I'm standing on the edge of this rock with my back to the chaos. My dad is by my side and I'm holding a feather. The devil is standing in front of me with a scroll of paper in his hands. I set the feather on the paper, about to sign. Then, with the flick of my wrist, I kill the devil. I proceed to kill all the demons within that 'realm of hell'. The dream ends when I'm done killing What does this mean?.

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Black Red Devil

You didn't kill all of us, I'm still here.

Anyway, if you want to believe in what dreams mean, a simple google or two and bingo here are your answers:

Dreams About Demons

Dreaming about killing a demon. If you killed a demon or demons in your dream, such dream is a very good sign, and signifies that you have successfully resisted some sinful temptations or that you will do that in the near future.

Owl - Dream meaning and symbolism

To see an owl in dream symbolizes your expanded awareness or some magical virtue. The owl sees what is happening in the unconscious areas of your soul and thus it can bring you wisdom and insight about your hidden feelings and experience.

Now add the two and there's your answer. :tu:

BTW, not sure I believe in this stuff but anyway...

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