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Paddy & Mick


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Paddy and Mick working on another building site


Mick opens his snap box and grumbles, "The ruddy missus as done it again - ham!"

Paddy offers Mick some advice, "You better have words with her, Mick.  That be 8 days of butties filled with ham now just like me."

Paddy then opens his own snap box and also moans about a similar sandwich situation. "Tit gets on me nerves Mick, when they give us Ham everyday!"

Mick decides to give her one more chance in the kitchen department before taking action.  Paddy agrees with him

The next day, Mick finds ham on his bread and runs away with madness up a ladder to its highest point.  And then jumps to his death.

Paddy checks his own snap box and what he also finds soon sees him running up a ladder before falling to his death.


Weeks later, an inquest reveals that Mick was driven into insanity via a repeated sandwich.

The inquest also finds that Paddies sandwiches varied from day to day.  But the packet of crisps found in his last snap box were found to be smoked ham flavour.

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