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empath experiments needed

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spartan max2

I never understood why people feel empaths are a thing.

Humans evolved to pick up emotions and read people. We are social creatures. Some people are more adept at it.

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6 hours ago, egg1head said:

ok, interesting theory.

do different emotional states have their own pheromones?. a different pheromone for every emotion?.

apart from the sex pheromone, you would have to show me your evidence   

It's about reading body language and facial expressions as well.

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lets find out for sure and not just speculate

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some very personal evidence can be given. I have a very very dear friend who is an empath. Ofcourse i did not know when i met the person but very fast i was convinced that he could feel me. He knew when i was not telling the complete story because i was a shame or just did not want to share. For me it was very strange in the beginning that somebody was able to read my mind and feelings. I promissed him right away that i would not lie to him because that would have made me a lier right away…………. He would noticed it !!! Let me be clear: the person is NOT feeling what it was but he could sence that there was something. I like to discuss with this person for hours and hours because the persons knowledge and this knowledge maid me want to learn. There is one big secret in my life that i never ever talk about with anybody. It is in my mind as a turmoil whole my life but his person kept on telling me that was still something. Guess what: i told the person and the persons face was clearing and said, "thats the missing piece of the puzzle, now my empath feeling that something is not told is gone". This very bad thing was that I told the short story because there was no intrest of the complete story. So the long and heavy crying i had to do when i was alone again. Nearly everybody can feel by entering a room if the atmosphere is good or not good but we do that with our eyes en hearing and not with stomic feelings. Facts and evedence?? the facts in this are very personal because i know my body and mind and then it will become facts. evedence was the fact that he made me look in a far far put away part of my brain and made me veryyyyy sad again. One day he wrote down on a piece of paper what he felt/thought what was wrong with me. I went to my doctor and told him my things about my karacter. He diagnoced me with type 1 borderline. Exact the same words the person had written on that little piece of paper. Happy now, because i can do something with it. I thought i was really happy in my relationship and the person did not believed it and kept on telling me that it was not correct, after a certain time and discussions and arguing i had to admit for myself that i only had a "safehouse". instead of a happy marriage An easy way of living but not alife.

for now……………...



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On ‎22‎/‎07‎/‎2018 at 11:37 AM, egg1head said:

i am well aware of mirror neurons. that holds no relevance as i pointed out, even if i walk into a room with no sight or sound i can feel.


So you could be blind folded, lead into a room with an unknown amount of people and you'd accurately sense them?

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On 7/21/2018 at 6:27 PM, egg1head said:

howdy folks. until a about a year phenomenon such as empath people would be quickly dismissed as nonsense, As a hobby, i have been studying science for the last 22 years.  

I do not believe anything to be true unless i can see proof. for example ghosts or ufos, I believe that to be the best way to negate you way through life, sometimes giving you an advantage! far too many people argue with me on certain topics using a youtube video as their evidence.If you have a theory. you must provide evidence, here is my stance on you flat earth theorists. just with logical thinking. you can say that the earth is flat,but you must explain how it is flat, if i can give you possible explanation of how the world is a sphere but you cannot provide a possible explanation of how the flat earth was formed, then i can not take your idea any further.

And so, to my point of this thread.

I have always had this gift or something that i can not explain. i am 37 and for all my life had never spoken about it to anyone until a year ago. If somebody were to tell me the story i was to tell, i would let it go in 1 ear and out the other.

nobody would ever believe me, so i never told anybody about what i call a gift

one evening out, drinking a few beers with my girlfriend and close friend, i finally got the nerve to tell somebody. to my amazement, after telling my tale, the reaction was "yeah i know, i've always known"  and explained to me that i am an empath.

I have no evidence, but this really is real! I am posting this thread to ask for people to get together with me to devise some experiments to prove this phenomenon, Its real, because i have it. can almost in a way read peoples minds, not with words or pictures. but with feelings, and these feelings are interpreted, it is difficult to explain. i can walk into a room and know instantly if something is wrong, even if i was blindfolded and cant hear. i feel what people a feeling, if someone is nervous, i don't feel nervous but i can feel the nervous feeling. its not like i feel what people feel like i am them, i still have my own feelings and emotions, but  have the feelings and emotions from people around me also, i don't know if you could understand that.

we need some data for this to be taken seriously and research done on this phenomenon

have a great day people..you cant change the whole world, but, if you make you little bit of the world a better place. The world will be a better place!!!!



This is natural. If you did not have this ability you would call into the category of a psychopath. Sadly our western philosophy and indoctrination has taught most people to be unaware of these things but I assure you it is normal.

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is what im saying ryleh, negative emotions seem to be stronger than positive.

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and to aswer nicolette.

all comments and answers will be read and treated with qual repect. 

however, i do not like people making a statement as if it were a fact.

This is natural. If you did not have this ability you would call into the category of a psychopath. Sadly our western philosophy and indoctrination has taught most people to be unaware of these things but I assure you it is normal.

your answer implies that you have knowledge of this subject are stating a fact. you say tought and western education. do you have an example and or know anything of western philosphy and education that would demonstrate your claim. you should read what i wrote slower, and think what you write also. most people have been taught not to feel? i could make a list of love stories and songs about love, but feel, the fact shakepere is taught in schools is enough for me to conclude that love and feelings are in fact very present in west, 

and if you were to read a little slower, not just waiting to give me your comments, you will see that i seek no explanation or stories.

read what i say, i am looking for intelligent or rich people lol to help me devise some way to test if this is real or not.

i dont believe stuff like this and would never give it a second thought, i told my experiences as a reason why i think this is real and want to try to prove it,

i dont want people TELLING me what it is or what it isnt, i want to see data that SHOWS what it is or what it isnt.

i am not saying that this is real. im saying that i have experienced things that most people do not,. not feeling what other people feel, i had no way to know if it was normal or not, after many many years never speaking of it, i spoke of it, and i have something different to other people. according to what i am told. 


i dont care if you believe or not, this happened to me is why i know it is something, i dont want an explanation, i want to devise experiments to see if this is real or not.

i saved somebodys life once.

i was in my room, cant remember i either had headphones on our loud music, 100% drunk or on drugs, (im mentioning that because it would explain what happened. and was just a coincidence) . i suddenly got this strong feeling, hard to explain how. like describe red. but i all of a sudden got this strong feeling.....SOMETHING IS WRONG....HELP! not help me, a feeling that something is wrong and i must help, ****ing strong feeling, enough for me to stand straight up.not a voice in  my head or anything like that, just a really strong feeling that told me, something is wrong help. not where or who... just something is wromg,,,,help.... prefer not be exact what happened, however i left my house and looked around for something that is not quite right, around the corner was somebody trying to kill themself,  i put her over my shoulder and carried her out.

believe or not is unimportant,, i know that **** happened, and i cant be the only one. there is no magic or special powers, i have no 3rd eye. it is something, and i want to test it, thats all.

this **** happened, am i crazy or is this real. i want to test it, not tell stories or give opinions because ive seen youtube and am an expert,


far too many of you come at me with big words and facts of which your only repeating, not fully understanding your statements,

you may engage me, but dont just state a fact because you heard it. talk to me me if you know what your talking about, and it really is a fact. 

thats how we learn people. if you want to make a claim, you must show some sort of evidence.

i made my claim, and am asking for help to prove it, otherwise, was just a coincidence, i was high and drunk, could have just got a feeling that i thought means help.

could have gone outside and found nothing, but just this one time was a fluke. i am prepared for that to be an answer, but. there aree many other things also. i am 38 years old and have been researching science and history since i was 11. many of you send me a reply, telling me exactly what it is. if you say, i think it maybe this.......etc...... thats ok.

far too many of you think you know the explanation of many things and phenomena often with no experience in the subject.but believe you are correct. i can think of many exaples, but i will finish with the big one, we never went to the moon, talking to a common man in the street who wants to argue me that we never went, i will ask one thing, i will claim that we went to the moon and i can show evidence if we were to travel, i can show a rocket that went to the moon, i can on the right day show you a rocket taking off. and you can watch it go up, and see if it comes down. i can show you the rocket equasion that tells you how much fuel you need to get to the moon and a vehicle that has that much fuel and is that size. i can show evidence of what i claim.

only using logic now..........

moon hoax theory....

my 1st question is... why say they went to moon but didnt?  because of the space race with russia, if america didnt go to space, you must assume that russia didnt either and they both are tricking us. russia pretended to go to space and so america did also? nobody went to space, its all a big trick?

why didnt russia who america was at war with say anything of a hoax?

if we never went to the moon, why has not the enemies of nasa said anything? why has there never been somebody on their deathbed finally admitting it all. or never in history one person comming forward, would it not be in one of the things edward snowdon blew a whistle on? 

and lastly

same way i prove god not to be real.

why? emember that millions of people saw the launch, many live, not watching on tv, why lie, and even now

just why, and as most of the people are not scientists or have studied polotics,or photography and in most cases even traveled much, why do think that you have the knowlege to judge the evidence?

best answer i get is....... new world order..........

this is where you new world order folks worry me.

all governments are together with the plan to control us is the jist i get, thats cool if you want to hear stories and see utube videos. but......................... instead of looking for evidence to prove your claims, what about thinking about it my way.......................

when did this nwo (new world order) start. for all to be in on the plan, all must be together for the plan to be announced or at least in contact with each other. when did it start is a problem, there have always been wars, nwo theory suggest that is all just a ruse, ok we take your plan serious, when did it start. was what napolian did part of the plan or was it after? if so. look at the econmy at this time and the death toll, he world was with him? millions of lives lost and europe in turmoil.

ww2 hitler was in the new world order? ww2 was just a fake to control us. takes money and resources to wage a war, but any evidence we are controlled?

after that. vietnam, korea,iraq, now afghanistan.

nuclear missiles, heavy machine guns, children being blown up by mines,

a new world order, big bosses behind the scenes.? nobody knows who they are.

you claim is that there is some secret organization controlling us in secret, somebody must give the orders, somebody must recieve the orders, but nobody has ever said anything, you can find a disaster that claim was illuminati. your evidence is a theory at best showing something not quite right as proof of nwo or illiminati, 

you may claim anything to be true or false, but you must prove what your claiming.  what we know to be a fact may turn out to be false, but, unless it can be shown to be false, we must assume it as fact, for there is no evidence to suggest otherwise.

i am not the only person who has what i have,

this is a call for you to contact me *snip *

if tthis is real...............we can test it














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does the goal of a new world oder sound like communism? or is just me?. control the world to do what?

control a whole country or continent i could get to grips with.

but ok, you control everyone in the world, nwo mission complete. why? now what.

and what happens if nwo wins? we all must live the same and do what we are told? communists? or we can still have jobs and homes and children e.t.c (sounds normal)

we are all told what to think and do. do what? you must say.


chem trails????????????????????????????????????????? stop talking bull**** and get up there and provide a sample you can get flight plans and send up a hellium balloon to where you see your chemicals. or sample the air in the area that you think is affected, do something at least, SHOW your conspiracy theories if you wanna dance wih johnny.

i only talk if i know what im talking about and will only post a fact if i can prove it

a short novel by egg lol (aka ) johnny

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Here is a link to several scientific studies on empathy.


It is quite normal and a lack of empathy is a qualifier for psychopathology. 

I'm going to close this thread because I think a cool down period needs to be enforced.

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