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Found art, familiar faces quoted with care

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Some Atheists are the most beautiful of people, embracing life without reservation. They walk the road from birth time and fate set their feet upon. a winding path and sinuous, twisting and unfolding beneath sun and moon, between the candle and the star. Trust is a coin they spend wisely, neither hording it as treasure laid up in heaven nor bestowing it freely. Their trust, you see, is a precious commodity. Love and family are their only deities and these they worship without reservation. I would that more of the religious embraced their simple elegance.





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On 7/14/2018 at 5:52 AM, Mr Walker said:

 I share every thing that life and god gives me. Both in words and in deeds and material blessings...

...Lately the nights have been crystal clear, with the milky way stretching across the centre of the sky.

Nights have been below freezing with a sharp frost on the ground in the morning, but the days are still clear and cool...

...Lots of beauty and very few people, in the winter 

Walk the dogs then find a nice cafe or similar for hot drinks and a bite to eat . It is whale season and  although we haven't seen any yet, there have been a couple along the coast   They often come in close to shore with a new seasons calf 

I hope you and all of yours have been well and happy.   Happiness is a blessing in itself, along with contentment with one's life .

mr walker 


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