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Funny mail (ahead of time)

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This is way ahead of time, but if you copy/bookmark it now, you're much more likely to send it to someone around xmas, who hasn't yet read it.



• JANUARY: Returned the scarf I got for christmas, it was to tight.

• FEBRUARY: Was fired from the drugstore because I couldn't make labels. Don't think it was my fault that the bottles didn't fit in the machine!

• MARCH: I'm full of joy! Finished my puzzle in just six months, even though it says 4-6 years on the box!

• APRIL: Was stuck on the escalator in the mall for several hours, due to power failure.

• MAY: Was planning to waterski this summer, but couldn't find a lake with a hill!

• JUNE: Lost a breaststroke competition, but not without objections. The other swimmers cheated and used their arms!

• JULY: Forgot my car keys in my convertible while it was raining. The roof was down, so both me and the inside of the car got terribly wet.

• AUGUST: Had to call 911, but gave up - there is no 11-button on my cellphone.

• SEPTEMBER: Brooding these days... why is there a W on all the M&M's?

• OCTOBER: Damn M&M's! They are difficult to peel!!

• NOVEMBER: Baking a cake. The recipe says 12 egg whites....think I'll boil them first, to easier seperate it from the yolks.

• DECEMBER: Going to a disco club where you have to be minimum 18! Dammit.. it took forever to gather 17 persons!!

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