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Went on a recce.... again

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Went back to the place we've been dying to investigate but first it was the weather then we discovered little owls had nested on site then it was a material of the four of us being able to get time off at the same time now finally with help from a kind landowner and his family we took a look at the place in day time took note of dangerous unstable parts of the building, found a well which could of been nasty to stumble upon in the dark so at long last sometime after the weekend were going to do the night there as a matter of interest we did notice a spot just outside the door of the building seemed to have a cold spot unfortunately being daytime and just having a quick look round myself or my mate never had and equipment on us so it may of been nothing anyways can't wait to investigate 

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ouija ouija

Looking forward to hearing all about it! :D

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