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Premonition dream came true and scary things

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Looking for someone who is a medium or who has lots of experience and knowledge of premonitions/spiritual connection.


Last year I had a dream about a friend (with whom I’d lost touch) committing suicide. Almost a year to the day, this year, they did commit suicide. I’m having a lot of guilt about not telling them about my dream.


I also feel like they have been inhabiting my mind/body in the past several days, since their death. Had them share a few things with me that there is no way I could have known before, which were all true. I feel “different” - nauseous, diarrhea (sorry if too much info..), very fatigued, my sleep app says I am fully awake during hours that to my knowledge I was asleep. I also have been personality-wise acting different. Interested in things I’m normally not into and not thinking about. Trying out new things hobby wise that I don’t usually.. with relative ease.

 I don’t know what’s up but am looking for help in better understanding. Perhaps there is something psychological to this, for which I need medication or therapy, or maybe this is an actual spiritual event that i do not understand


Appreciate any help.



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Not A Rockstar

The suicide of a friend is a very painful thing to deal with, but we must accept that each of us has free will and in the end, no matter what you might have done, it was this person's choice to do what they did. It is not your guilt, dream or not. It just isn't.

Before katrina hit, I had the worst visions ever about flooding and outrageous things I could not believe were even possible, but I warned a friend who lived there what I saw (her house flooded to the top floor - it was 2 story) and she had more faith in me than I did. She moved out and was driving away in a Uhaul the day before it came in to New Orleans. Her house did, in fact, flood up to the roof. 

It is not my fault about the others who died, the property lost, none of that. I could have gone on radio and gotten laughed out of town by the majority. I think visions like this are for us, alone, primarily, to show us in ways nobody can refute or tell you it is bs, that there is More out there to find out about. This suicide is not your fault either.

Your sense of oppression and this person's presence may be two fold. Some may simply be that they know you feel really bad about it and they wish to assure you it is alright. Try saying out loud that you understand and are sorry for his/her pain and loss, but you forgive that person and it is alright, go in peace. If the symptoms go away, then good.

If they do not, then verbally demand it leave you alone, tell it to go away and leave you and your family and friends alone. If you need more help (to form the firm will and intention it get the heck out and away) then turn to a pastor or priest if that is in your belief system or search on youtube for the lbpr I think it is? Banishing ritual using the pentagram. You can just let it play to make it work. @GlitterRose knows the way of it better than I, as I never have used this, but she has to great results.

Some people when they die seem to leave behind some really low energy often referred to as earthbounds. It is not healthy, it is not actually them but like a shadow kind of, of them but not them if that makes sense, and should never ever be tolerated around us or the living. It can really make you feel sick and depressed. 

No need to be afraid or feel bad. Plainly, you are a very caring person and we need all of that in this world we can get.

I wish you peace. 

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Welcome to UM Afraid11 :st

Rockstar already summed up all the good spooky stuff eloquently.. 

Dont feel guilty or bad you didn’t try to contact your then already out of contact friend with your dream. It’s perfectly normal to have random odd dreams about people we know. And then not look them up or contact them after the dream. 

Dont be too... feeling weird about some of your seeming odd thing about some new interests or hobbies in the wake of this. Sometimes grief over and unexpected death can leave us kind of wanting to live or quest more because life can be shockingly stopped at any time. You may or may not be conciously processing this, but subconsciously you seem to be.

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Yes entirely possible that some of it is grief reaction.


i left out that I had a couple of premonitions before this that came true, so when I had this dream I was very worried. I was looking up this person online last year to see if they had died, but did not reach out despite these atrong worries. Now this year they are dead. After their death they gave me a first and last name. This is apparently someone they were close to. I did not know about this person or their name and can’t explain it. I am not sure what to make of this but have felt very afraid to be alone in my apartment and my sleep is wrecked

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First of all, Afraid11, you have to know that you didn't cause the death of anyone in your premonitions. Once in a while, I have dreams similar to yours.

A few years ago, I had a series of dreams about my mom's death. When the first dream came, it wasn't shown exactly who had to die. But for some reasons, my sense of knowing let me narrow down to the four elderly family members. So, I asked the divine as soon as I woke up as to who had to die.

The same night, I saw my mom in the hospital bed and I also saw myself stuffing something in the hole at the end of the bed. I didn't know exactly what I put in and why I did it. But I was devastated at that point.

The third dream was nothing less than heartbroken as soon as I saw my mom pacing on the ledge of a high rise building's rooftop in broad daylight and ready to jump off. I didn't know whether I saw her jump off or not. That crucial piece of info seemed to be blocked either by my unconscious or it wasn't given at that point. 

I chanted more fiercely and sent her more healing green energy than before after I received that dream. 

It was weird by the time the last dream showed up, I saw the same background on rooftop in broad daylight, with the exception of the presence of a crowd focusing on my mom. And at that very moment, she decided not to jump off. Instantly, I felt a sense of relief. 

I had two similar dreams on the same night about a friend I hadn't seen for a long time. I was hesitated about whether to contact him or not because I was so afraid that he might not be around anymore. Tantalized by my curiosity, I made contact and told him about my dreams. He was able to verify to me that he was involved in a very serious car accident and only narrowly escaped death. He refused to drive from that point on. 

Regarding the point you made about personality change and all that, it could be psychological. If those changes are not toward something bad for your health or influencing you in a negative way, they shouldn't be a big deal. 


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