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Pence: US Space Force to be set up by 2020

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8 hours ago, pallidin said:

Oh, so we just do nothing as other countries develop and deploy specific anti-satellite technologies?

Think again.

A United States "Space Force" is very much needed to address this very real threat with all it's complexities.

Don't like it? Too bad.


No you're completely missing the point. We have NASA we have the Navy and we have the Air Force all working on these things. The question is do we really need to invest in the infrastructure for a new military branch when we already have the best and the brightest working on the problems you laid out. 


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Forces assemble

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The Caspian Hare
On 8/14/2018 at 6:53 AM, Noteverythingisaconspiracy said:

As I pointed out in post#3 such a force allready exist. 

Yes, buried within and split among several branches that aren't giving it the attention it deserves.

If they combined the roles of Air Force Space Command, US Army Space Command, Naval Space Command and the NRO into one joint services Space Command, that  would eliminate a lot of redundant headquarters-level assignments. It would also end inter-service/inter-agency rivalries over new missions and funding. Jurisdictional disputes would be gone, making decision-making faster and more efficient, and eliminating duplicated offices would save money.

While at first a Space Force would largely do what is already being done today, looking ahead there will certainly be new missions none of the existing space commands can handle.  So having a new umbrella organization able to handle such situations by using assets from each component can avoid a bureaucratic territorial squabble over money and personnel when the need for expansion of space operations arises.

Honestly, it's past time to do this.

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On 8/13/2018 at 3:29 AM, Noteverythingisaconspiracy said:

The US allready have a "Space Force" so I don't really get why it is a good idea to spend money on a new one ? 


You see...he'd know that if he actually listened to anyone. 


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