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Invisible guide

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5 hours ago, openozy said:

They wont lock you up unless your a danger to yourself or others,at least in oz.You can let yourself go with that,who cares what people think.

You are right, they closed down the asylums here. Now they give people meds and ask them not to forget to take them. 

Twice i have seen an incident where someone forget to take their meds and voices told them to harm someone, one was on the news. Let alone your other cases like Peter Sutcliff, thats when people with schizophrenia and religion can take a nasty turn.


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20 hours ago, GlitterRose said:

Maybe it is, but I wonder about that.

It just always knows what to do, and I sure don't always know that. 

Yeah I’m not sure about that either. It’s rare, but I’ve heard a voice in the same way you described. 

I also hear myself speaking in my head all the time. Two very different experiences. 

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The mind is a terrible thing to taste the fact is that  you can put a diagnose on any human being. I have experienced some pretty weird things in my life most which can be explained however there is things that even sience cant explain so yes I do believe people here have experienced things like been guided by some invicible force ( may the farce be with you )  but wont talk about it since they dont want people to think they're crazy but dont dispair Im a complete nutter ;-)

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