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Ste Wolstenholme

K2 meters

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Ste Wolstenholme

Hi all,

I was on a hunt in febuary (now August) with a my team and we are still trying figure out what it means.

The investigation took place in a abandoned hotel with only 4 people In the whole hotel. We went off in pairs on opposite sides of the hotel, 2 on the 4th floor, 2 in the basement

We was in a basement getting quite good activity on the k2 meter, we then asked it another question but then it started spiking getting red lights, (this isn't the mystery) the mystery we were getting is that it was in multiples of 5.  It was as if it was a potential warning of the number 5. The red lights flashed on and off in multiples of 5 a good 10 times with breaks.


I know some people don't trust k2 meters but all I'm asking is if this has happened to anybody or if they know anything about the sequence.



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