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Equalizer for Computer Audio

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Disclaimer - this software works for me, I have no experience with it except for the following.

My PC sound system lacks sound quality, so I searched the internet for some EQ software and came up with this. I have Windows 10. It's a 10 or 20 band EQ that so far works great and I have had no problems with it so far.

First, when you watch the vid, click on "show more" below the YouTube vid, there the download instructions are.

1), First you have to download and install the APO file. After it's run, you must re-start your computer.

2) Next download and install the GUI file. When this runs, a window came up asking me to over ride the APO file, I clicked "Yes".

The only problem I had was, the next day the EQ was gone, so I had to re-download the GUI file. Now the EQ works every time I turn on my computer. Everything works fine so far. I've found no virus or ads or anything suspicious. As I say, just my experience with this software. Really improved the audio through my PC speakers.


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