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Still Waters

Rare bamboo rat photographed at Machu Picchu

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Still Waters

 A rare rodent species known as a ‘bamboo rat’ that lives around the Inca ruins at Machu Picchu in Peru has resurfaced after a decade of absence and been photographed for the first time.

A specimen of the rodent Dactylomis peruanus was spotted by guards among bamboo trees at the citadel, which is surrounded by a protected area, said the National Service of Natural Protected Areas.

The last time the animal was recorded at Machu Picchu was in 2008.

In Peru, the animal is on a list of creatures about which little is known because it is seen so rarely. 


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Aww, so cute.

Rats are pretty hardy creatures, likely thousands of them underground somewhere under there, safe from humans, this one either got lost and headed out or he got bigger balls than the rest. 

Hope now they are known to be there, they will be left alone. 

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Too bad he is the bamboo rat instead of the bamboo squirrel.  




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