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Still Waters

Trainee ranger killed by two brown bears

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Still Waters

Vadim Klabukov, 23, paid with his life after flouting safety rules when he went to retrieve lost backpack in South Kamchatka nature reserve.

The graduate of Irkutsk Agrarian University was working for a year in the reserve on the Kamchatka peninsula in the far east of Russia.

He had been with a group of tourists at a spot where red salmon  spawn - and left his backpack. 

Without informing his fellow rangers he left the Ozerny base and went back alone to retrieve it - but was ambushed by a brown bear after going close to to a spot where the predator had dug its salmon prey. 


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Still Waters

They've updated their report, there were two bears not one.


The bears were shot by wildlife specialists because after tasting human blood they posed a real danger to other people.

Earlier the nature reserve had given scant details suggesting the trainee ranger was killed by one bear. 



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