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The Caspian Hare

Pigeon racers used bullet train to cheat

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The Caspian Hare




The two men went to great lengths to beat the opposition in the race in April last year from the city of Shangqiu in the province of Henan to Shanghai on China’s east coast, a distance of about 750km (450 miles).

Gong and Zhang began their nefarious plan a year in advance, raising the pigeons at two feeding points, in Henan and Shanghai, to familiarise the birds with the locations.

After handing the pigeons over to organisers in Henan, rather than flying straight to Shanghai, the birds went to the feeding point elsewhere in the province.

There, they were concealed in milk cartons for the bullet-train ride to Shanghai, where they were released to the finish line and first place.





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Somebody is getting a bullet in the back of the head.........

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