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Deep state is obsessed with Saturn for reason

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and what have you got to say about it all Robbie...

Are the Saturn Worshipers Evil or just Very Naughty Boys...


Thank you Robbie that was most interesting...


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On 10/11/2018 at 5:00 AM, cerberusxp said:

Do you discount whistle blowers that have been involved with the secret societies?

Well i believe Eisenhower and JFK.

Im just not sure why so many people are convinced that the man who threw our nation further into debt to give the military industrial complex a massive raise at the expense of the American taxpayer is fighting against the military industrial complex. 




Since coming into office a little more than a year ago, the Trump administration—with help from the Republican-controlled Congress—has added more than $200 billion to the projected levels of defense spending for fiscal years 2017 through 2019. Shortly after taking office, President Donald Trump added $15 billion to former President Barack Obama’s FY 2017 budget, and he proposed a FY 2018 budget of $639 billion. This represented an increase of $56 billion, or 10 percent, over the proposed FY 2017 budget.




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