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The Caspian Hare

Iran launches missile strike in east Syria

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The Caspian Hare




The Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps fired six ballistic missiles at areas “east of the Euphrates” in Syria in an attack designed to retaliate for an attack on the IRGC in Ahvaz on September 22. The attack is a major near escalation and shows Iran’s reach throughout the region. It also shows that Iran is willing to strike wherever it pleases and knows that air defense systems in Iraq and those by the Coalition in eastern Syria will not interdict it.

Iranian media announced in the morning of October 1 that the IRGC’s Aerospace Force had fired the missiles at 2am on Monday. The missiles flew 570 km, crossing from Kermanshah in Iran over northern Iraq and into Syria where Tehran says they struck areas east of the Euphrates near Al-Bukamal. Al-Bukamal is one of the only areas in Syria still held by Islamic State. IRGC members painted “death to America,” “Death to Israel,” and “Death to al-Saud,” a reference to Saudi Arabia, on the missiles.

Video released by Iran showed the missiles reaching skyward in the dead of night. The regime scripted the bombardment as it had with the September 8 attack on Kurdish opposition groups in northern Iraq. During that ballistic missile attack the IRGC used seven Fateh 110 missiles and fired them near Tabriz. Kermanshah is 200 km south of that launch location.



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and then

Iran seems to be feeling the heat and getting frustrated.  Good.

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