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A Ghost Story

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Hello Everybody! My Name is Jim and I have just joined the site thumbsup.gif . I already commented on the Rayneham Hall picture in the galleries. I had enjoyed in reading the all comments and some were pretty funny thumbup.gif . I am from Saskatchewan, Canada. I like to share a experience that I had w/ ghosts. It happened to me when I was 11 yrs old: There is a native old church(late 1880's) and a graveyard that is not too far away from the Saskatchewan river. There is a tree line that is situated between a wheat field and the river, and the church is on the field. One summer day, my 3 cousins, my brother and I were running around in the fields by the river. The 5 of us were throwing hard and soft muck chips at each other and once in awhile we would pop out our heads out of the wheat. During this muck war, my 2 youngest cousins and I were as an team and my older brother and cousin as our adversary. We were facing the church and we were loosing bad. I wouldnt give up and I was putting up a good fight. I would come close of hitting them in the heads..then I threw at towards someone that behind them.

"Who is that with you?", I yelled.

"Just Jerry and I"..who do u think?", my brother replied back laughing

I looked at them again and there was an boy's head top the wheat that was walking steadfastly towards the church and.. away from my brother and my older cousin.

"Look he's running away!, I yelled, and I was pointing the direction.

They wouldnt look and kept bombarding us. I ran away from my zone to a higher hill and I could see this "boy" walking away..then it vanishes near by the church. I could tell the boy was native.

Throughout the yrs I have heard a few classic stories from the ppl that lived nearby the church. I always shared this story bec..its true then again I was 11.

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Hi Jim, welcome to the site. grin2.gif

You may very well have seen a spirit that day.

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