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Still Waters

Hares could be wiped out, experts warn

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Still Waters

Hares could be wiped out, experts warn, as a spate in mystery deaths have sparked fears that a highly infectious disease has "jumped" from rabbits.

David Wembridge, Peoples Trust for Endangered Species Survey Officer,  warned that if Rabbit Haemorrhagic Disease (RHD) or Myxomatosis spreads to non-resistant hares for the first time, the animals could be virtually eradicated in a couple of years.

Myxomatosis first reached the UK in 1953 after it was introduced as a control measure in Kent, but inadvertently resulted in the deaths of 99 percent of the rabbit population only three years later.


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The virus, which has killed millions of animals and is notorious for its ability to mutate, causes rabbits immense suffering, while treatment is usually futile.

Terrible! Those poor creatures. :(

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