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The Next Generation.

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Looks like the next generation will be ok. Some good news for a chance. Empathy and selflessness!



A 14-year-old Tullamore (Ireland) schoolboy, whose classmates mounted a campaign against his deportation, has been granted leave to remain in Ireland along with his mother and brother.

Students and teachers at Nonso Muojeke's school, Tullamore College, had protested outside Leinster House, and presented a petition to Minister for Justice Charlie Flanagan in an attempt to stop the deportation order, which was issued last June.

The petition to stop Nonso's deportation was signed by 22,000 people



Nice to see a togetherness with a group.

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Isn't it infinitely better to celebrate our common humanity than dwell on our inculcated differences. Those who champion the latter are often poor examples of the former.

The world is changing and, as an old man, I am happy to know that Ireland is on the right side of history.

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Captain Risky

My teenage children certainly have more acceptance and understanding for differences than my generation did, and it’s a good thing. 

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