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Muscular Men Prefer Unequal Society

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I don't see this as being true. I'm quite strong and somewhat muscular, I think people should do what they want so long as no one gets hurt. 

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"The study builds on data from 6,349 people of different nationalities. 1,875 of the respondents are Danish, and the rest are Belarussians residing in Lithuania, Americans, Venezuelans, Ukrainians and Poles. The data was collected between 2012 and 2017. During this period, when conducting studies on various political attitudes, the researchers also measured and asked respondents about their physical strength."

I find the bolded section interesting. Without having access to the questions in the study, it sounds like self-perception may have played a non-trivial role in their assessment of strength. As such, it might be more accurate to conclude that men who THINK they're particularly strong had more right-wing tendencies.

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