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Night at the Original Springs Hotel

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A few years ago my wife and I stayed at the Original Springs Hotel in Okwaville, IL. 

People have reported waking up and seeing a “woman in white” standing at the end of the bed in that room. Room #1. I thought it would be cool to set up a camera and see if I could catch anything. I didn’t end up catching her, but as I was reviewing the video I did hear several strange sounds. I edited the video to cut out the parts with nothing. My wife insisted on having the tv on, so sorry for the Dr. Phil marathon.

In the beginning of the video, it appears like there’s a strange shadow on my arm as I roll over. At some points there’s a loud thump, and at a few times I can hear a screeching sound like faucets turning. I can only hear some of the sounds when listening with ear buds or external  speakers. I’m not sure if where the noises are, but I find it interesting. I’m just wondering what any of you think about it.


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I used to be an employee there...I worked in kitchen...the walk from kitchen to the bathroom in the pool room creeped me always..once I felt like someone was touching me till I got in bathroom and soon as I shut door it ended..

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