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WashPo Bought by Amazon and the CIA

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Sir Wearer of Hats
4 hours ago, Dark_Grey said:

They are a rogue department that acts as the muscle for higher powers, as far as I'm concerned. The CIA connection to social media, computer hardware, and online porn is worth another thread on it's own. MK Ultra, anyone?

 Not a bad Muse album, but I prefer Knights of Cyndonia.

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On ‎2018‎-‎10‎-‎19 at 8:37 PM, Dark_Grey said:

The dates were wrong but the facts are correct. From the mouth of the CIA Washington Post:

WashPo (1981)


Oh, I wasn't doubting the story(though I didn't read it... but I know the details previously, about Hugel)... I just hate it when they(media... any media) do that(get dates/basic-facts wrong)... it gives automatic ammunition to nay-sayers to discount the overall content.

Not a big fan of William Casey either. :no:

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Soooo...let me guess. Amazon is now going to put ads for CIA pens in a newspaper no one reads anyway. This is life changing how?

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