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New Rune Prose For Nyx & Shadow


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To: a young Jolene who again appeared to me; this time by dream

From: an old Samanth or Shaman; an Avatar of Wo Ai Ni 

BCC: Komandant Jalya Klin Rouslana

Subject: Regarding your Peel Elate LP

Two types of minds: Heart is Mind and the other kind of Mind is Memory (She said she'd forgive but would always remember)

I got one for you 

Got two plus infinity 

Times divide just subtract all that...

..that is not ALL and forget correct

Ain't no wrong way to go about it

Quit then resubmit across varying media

My favorite is your heart and mind

Or mind and memory, respectively




The ravens return and tell me turn into

Another being based on an archytpe

According to Jung's Collective Unconscious


CODED MESSAGE: Komrade Stephane sends all is well in Crimea and California, the Cantabrian and Tasman Seas, hope to debrief in Scandinaviya



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Clan Kayo

It both begins and ends here and now. Yet Clan Kayo could not tell you exactly how without knowing where or when. There was no inadequacy of reality itself or even the tiniest kernel of reality that has found Kayo. 

A sky changed colors, from a light to dark color, yet looking inside was more interesting for now.

/thought of awarness informed Kayo that all that was easily yet loosely accepted as calmness failed to find a stable sense of serenity.

An uneasy edge shattered and fractured his mind but not quick enough as for a first time Kayo knew the moment anxiety identified itself.

Then deep and diagphramic breathing began automatically as if still amidst the clan when in safety of space and ship they all at once did this.

Then Clan Kayo was underground in some tunnel. A familiar combination of coolness on skin and a warmness within unlocked that meaningless bit of orientation....for now Kayo was inside a vessel that revealed it was in motion but what type of vessel mattered not either....for now.

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Then Kayo fell down the tree into land breaking branch then bones. He fell for his balance of life not equilibrium gave out.

One being not one group he was. Not many eyes for at first it seemed he had all the eyes as before but now just two which at least six are needed for two to work. 

What if he runs into a world of all groups and here he is alone instead of the group in a world of sole targets. 

The tree leaned down and a spirit of old kissed him and lifted him up then down into a root cellar.

He healed and learned secrets and was told our eyes can be yours but do not be greedy for even groups here are blind as bats and echoes only reveal death not location.

"What is the difference?" We follow death as Kayos and gather them to us as we grow.

"Tree answer me."

Now he rises from ground as a mustard bush and then walks into the form of a gnome then a dwarf also follows.

As they turn to face each other they see a strange form but share same thoughts. Then dwarf kills the gnome with a dagger stuck into the ground when this was a field and in the whirlwind of the crop one tossed it in to kill a windgelle.

"The demon dwarf wins and I shall find the ears, eyes and heart of the land and copy them to possesses all."

Windy trees laugh at the fool plan of one of their sons.

switching characters: never break character but if none shall join then others will be written about here. We see all even the walls of wood live and talk tree to the scribe of Ember who writes in hot blood and liquid. The land cries can you hear it begin here again? If not read close the captions of creepypasta know your monsters.






Black Cat letras:

Slushai me
Uniniyata zabravi
Chui, za sinite skali si pripomni
Nov pat vseki den napred nameri
Kak obichashe da se katerish
Kotkata v orel dnes prevarni
(Utro moe...)
Izvan kartata da izleti
(Utro moe...)
S badeshteto si ako igraesh,
(Utro moe...)
Da e ot men
Slushai me
Uniniyata zabravi
Chui, za sinite skali si pripomni
Nov pat vseki den napred nameri
Kak obichashe da se katerish
Kotkata v orel dnes prevarni
Izvan kartata da izleti
S badeshteto si ako igraesh,
Realno I valshebno


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This is not a love song by P.i.L. and Rise while Jesus was fml the 12 believe i am leader but we lead and follow each other on skill and need for 13 is coven


Staatssicherheitsdienst, SSD

Államvédelmi Hatóság






Captain K.O. reporting in

I cannot take it let me in

No violins as love drifts

Skip sleep jump into dream

Time aligned cross dateline

Intergalactic new transnational


Flip flip forward: that means this

Cannot flip from now into future

Cannot flip from now back past

Flip both for here and now presence

Present fails so perservere with me

Presence and prescient among us


Follow each other if part of the thirteen







Edited by Clarakore
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  • 6 months later...

fOLLOW Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

(fort benning georgia infantry)


F.M. or A.M. which is your style?

some will say "ef em" all let em fall

others want to instead switch topics

segue it up then with whatever semi

-related or swim, swim, swim in the

Mar Lo'rando by answering like me


with, "I prefer analog, I like your voice,

& other instrument, even digital synths,

allow for all to be mastered on vinyl plx,

as 33 and 1/3 is my favorite number, you see

also 12 inches or 7 are alright with me too, spin

it now and listen to these LPs then flip to the B side

but first record whatever, whenever, with whoever on..

...any device, be famous by plan to gig & busk anon"


with, "I like P.M. instead but the day

beckons me so maybe 3 A.M. will be

my new morning, still feeling like post meridian

if you ask me, sailor, sailor, this is your sea,

we know you were the last sailor, a landed lady,

gentry we be & now need to go back together

whenever you are ready to recoup and recall all."


for the final weapon is individual forgiveness

form of a winged battering ram of golden fleece

finally coming together or on, in, near each other

as the most lively and fertile weaponry of our truce

parlay with pyschopomps, play powerfully princesses

pretend to pleasure by seeing attempts all you know

how far they go to pleasure you pretty imagination police,

plan your exit strategy if starting a business or any

venture of prosperity even romance, begin by

staying off the books for two years so resist dtr's 'til then




p.s. my favorite is also post script, so send me snail or electronic mail, add in an vinyl pressing as your blessing or a link to an online song or playlist please, and call me anytime but preferably from 1300 to 0400...


p.p.s. i lied post post scripts are better

now trivia questions of this prose piece are:

what king left colchis & for extra credit, explain why?

for proper credit as reading even the title in the forum index

scores you a pass here including receiving all this infor in you

in some form or fashion for all that is buried becomes plainly seen


and second bonus questions is who died by becoming a rising star

while a final feather fell in Corinth, just one is an anti-lethal weapon

of mass creation so find that final insult to your self in any form afar

for fair weather friend or feather for short myth makes mirth makes merry

put on your single finger or marriage whatever that ring of fleece in your own

place known in myth as Corinth also known as Arcadia or peaceful af

plenty of hale, that place where Hades began, just like the center of

the world can be Fuji Japan, Enchanted Rock Texas, or your backyard

now begin with open closed endings we all have even or oddly you too

your aftermath and trauma given away for the price of letting the enemy win too

my math accounts for all that and more down the generations of ancestral lands

and progeny in this equation with solution simply now by calling this prose

your suffering subtraction (the most basic operation adding up to fair call)


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i can only go slow seed sown and song sung under soft light of luna and solmy man, lonely, knows lows, reads long, hand long, hunger off, right love ya, crank called


feist from arts & crafts knows me as her man, her satellite moon, yet she belongs to another

she like

another orbit, another line, another type, another human, since i like arianna am only mine


aldous harding knows how being married to me when young, dumb, and a bit full of myself

was like

another friend finding me a classics man and helping carry the sun across the sky in siam

both hannah and claire are from 4D now

grimes glows and gives her self to our kind, the downtrodden masses of the low life of

we like

borderlands be they valleys, hills, contested areas, and liminal stages without shamans


metric from arts & crafts too also sing the story we so lived and continue with life as

you like

and we now begin to live again the way we were when before we forgot fly during our fall



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ok i will take is slow and go easy on you soon





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  • 2 weeks later...

Losing fear by subtraction 


then addition of nothing at all

further fair fall her as elixir

useless when the cure

is far more terror than the ill

yet fear itself needs no mirror

or clearer face to face

as the city of scripts

and volumes of text

was a lady subscribing

to a newer world falling

so the most ancient well

deep dug ditch or hole

more twine to braid

is all you asked for

so say fair fall thee

and safe journey

as Croesus on pyre

did by dipping below

his patron trepidation

to the denominator 

and understanding

of fearlessness 

as the Han can hug

any invader and say

lead us well yet know

within few generations

you too will think, speak

Mandarin my lady liege




inspired by Cafavy's The God Abandons Antony









 as introduced to me by the Wistman's blog Pedantic Babylon

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