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The city of towering temples

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A look at the temples of Angkor - a city steeped in Cambodian history and legend.


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Kittens Are Jerks

Architecturally stunning! I would love to tour the area and see these temples up close.

From what I understand, the architecture of the temple at Angkor Wat is still an unexplained mystery. It has yet to be determined how such a massive complex (requiring millions of sandstone blocks) with its detailed, elaborate carvings, could have been completed in just three decades.

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There isn't actually a start stop date to mega structure construction in the past. Its nothing like the mega projects we have today where there is a definitive date for laying the foundation stone to the Official 'Opening' of the sites. Back in the days, it was a living and growing city where there is always construction going on in some form or another. Most possibly and usually, the recorded start / completed dates refers to a Palace or some Central structure of governance, for example, a main temple site of worship. The rest of the Mega complex will still continue to be expanded and added to. 


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