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Frederick Valentich 40 years ago

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Most of those around the world who are into UFOs and the extraterrestrial phenomenon are aware of the incident which occurred in Melbourne, Australia on October 21, 1978 when the young pilot Frederick Valentich disappeared while on a routine flight from an airport on the mainland to King Island which is only like fifteen minutes off the coast.  Look at how much time has now passed since then!  Indeed it might be the most widely published of all UFO related disappearances both within the mainstream and the esoteric areas of the published world.  I remember first learning about this case back in 1994 first on the FOX documentary series Encounters: The Hidden Truth and then later that year on Unsolved Mysteries.  On the Unsolved Mysteries segment Frederick's father was interviewed and he got me feeling quite heavy in emotion the way he said how when it got to be 11:30 or midnight on that day Frederick had not returned home and then the family heard on the radio that the aircraft went missing.  Although all the facts seemed to add up like a very wild scenario and there was little hope offered by anybody involved he clung to the hope that his son would one day return.  Four days following the disappearance a search team boated all over Bass Straight searching for any signs of either Frederick or the aircraft he had been flying (which disappeared along with him) but nothing surfaced.  As of this day 40 years have passed since Frederick Valentich was last seen and Frederick's father has since passed away I believe but he kept my spirits in life high the way he vowed to see that his son would return to him and the rest of his family someday despite knowing the possibility that Frederick might have disappeared by a means that are scoffed at or just simply ignored by at least over half of human society.  In closing this tribute I'd like to ask all of you out there this: What do you suppose really happened to Frederick Valentich that night and do you believe there is a means by which this mystery could finally be solved and Frederick Valentich could actually be found and returned to our civilization (if he is still alive)?  Honestly speaking (and although I have yet to determine what the means is) I believe there is!  

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3 hours ago, SkyWarrior860 said:

nothing surfaced

Bzzzt.   Maybe start about here on a recent thread:


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What "extraterrestrial phenomenon"? There is absolutely no real evidence of Alien visitation.

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