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Two children who didn't age


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By: Lord-Xanthor | Location: United States New York


I have only recently talked with my wife about why I for many years didn't originally want to have children. I'm slow sometimes when it comes to hearing a joke and years later the punch line hits me with realization. What I experienced in life was similar and at the time extremely fearful of having children! From age 7 and up my mom drilled it into me to never get a girl pregnant, as the responsability was a lifetime and those words stuck with me for many a years. So here is my story, and why it almost stopped me having children: 

More: https://www.unexplained-mysteries.com/stories/112155/two-children-who-didnt-age

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Fascinating story. Any theories? It's almost like they exited in a way just to you!? But your new boss saw them too.

If it was me, I would see what I could dig up on this guy and the children.

Unfortunately, I don't think we often hear from the OP person on these bot generated stories.

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It seems what you ran into was another man with children, who so reminded you of your former boss, that your subconscious just told you it was them. The fear on their faces was probably due to you talking to them as if you knew them, as they tried to place you. Our brain's often fill in gaps and steer things in a way that suits us best at a particular moment. Remember, this is 10 years later. Time is our enemy where memories are concerned and on top of that, humans are terrible at recounting accurately from memory.

The only other explanations are vampires, aliens, or the dad was actually working on a secret longevity program and used the restaurant as a cover.

Actually, in all seriousness, it was probably just a coincidence with people who resembled those you once knew.

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As far fetched as this sounds perhaps the children were not actually the ages the former boss claimed but perhaps they were adults with pituitary dwarfism(untreated pituitary dwarves look just like children all there lives, males voices never deepen-think the smallest high pitched voiced munchkins in the wizard of oz.)  This may have been why others reacted strangely as well they may have known of the "children's" disabilities and wanted to make no credence. I do strongly believe in the paranormal but idk why but something about this story screams pituitary dwarfism or some other disorder that in keeps kids from growing and aging normally. Also no mention of whether father has aged or not be just kids seems to point to sickly kids who never grew up due to a disorder and where continued to be treated as  young children.

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He may fear having offspring but thats where his similarities to david lynch end. I missed this 4 years ago, it has countless holes and in typical fashion of a made up tale it tries to wrap up any questions before they are asked...



As for my ex boss who vanished yet again with his kids who never aged in 10 years, I have not seen or heard from them again, nor does anyone else remember them. The only other who did, passed away several years ago.

I hardly call shoppers leaving a store disappearing and it really doesnt mean much that other workers dont recall a boss who wasnt there much a decade eariler. Its very convenient that the only person who could collaborate this is dead.


On 10/24/2018 at 9:56 AM, Vorg said:

Easily verifiable no doubt.

Of course it would be the "boss" was a well known businessman with kids and a dying wife ( dying wife adds dramatic flare ) he didnt drop off the planet but for reasons not mentioned the writer didnt follow through he didnt care enough to run his name his kids names in any searches.

On 10/24/2018 at 11:19 AM, Susanc241 said:

Had the father aged ten years?

The writer got sloppy there huh? While i think its a made up story most stories are not out of thin air maybe he did have a boss with kids and embellished the rest as he offered cover but no support for claims.

I see a fellow who wanted to turn his fears of parenthood , responsibility etc into some extraordinary weird tale perhaps to boast of epiphany who knows and i believe thats all this is so i will file it under make believe. It has too many errors to be in my "unexplained" folder.

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