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Spontaneous exorcisms


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By: Steve Staniek | Location: Canada


Broadly speaking, exorcism is the freeing of a:person, place, or object, from some form of negative spiritual influence. The archaeological record informs us of how ancient healers and shaman dealt locally with unfriendly or interfering spirits. Rock art confirms the universal history of man's struggle with spiritual parasites, for as long as we've been able to make our marks on stone. It took me a lifetime to discovered quite by accident, that there is a natural clearing process, or spontaneous exorcisms! 

More: https://www.unexplained-mysteries.com/stories/112161/spontaneous-exorcisms

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Very interesting that you should say: "the dark part of our personality that we reject in order to survive...". In truth I believe we all live and die based upon our very beliefs themselves. So to believe or not is just a matter of attention one gives to a thing, or not. Being that all true knowledge is simply the very physical and spiritual awareness of energy itself, this automatically implies a duality, or relationship if you will. I read some text from earth keeper chronicles which sums it up very nicely. If the devil is a slave to the same rules we are..., and there is only, "I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me." Then we as human beings as opposed to negative beings, are energetically just two halves of a whole. Ergo, judge ye not. Energy only and only ever, imo, seeks balance. And in that one moment, that one thought, that one act of balance, can there be a path to not just the energies themselves but all the knowledge energy could hope to show one.
Point is, seeking the balance is what is desired and nothing more. Now one must fully realize the basic and universal Law of Attraction of course first.

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The law of attraction is nothing more than confirmation bias and self-fulfilling actions. Not mystical woo.

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If that is your definition of a universal law then you obviously don't know **** about shine. **** already dip****

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Exorcism is an unfortunate act by deluded people to help sick people.
Nothing good should come from it, unless the sick one is being temporarily satisfied by the attention.

"The law of attraction"? I don't wanna go there... It's bad karma...

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