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I saw a strange man


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By: Unknown666 | Location: Croatia


Today me and my friends were hanging out near the city cemetary. We were laughing and goofing around. 

Me and my two friends got up and started walking back home. There were no people in that area. We turned around to see where others were and turned back around in 5 seconds. 

Suddenly a crouching man was maybe 5 meters away from us.

More: https://www.unexplained-mysteries.com/stories/112162/i-saw-a-strange-man

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I don't think this was paranormal. I think it was just "a strange man" probably doing something he wasn't supposed to..


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To me, multiple people sightings are pretty resistant to the dismissive 'imagination' theory. I've heard enough quality cemetery stories to believe the paranormal does occur there more frequently than a random place.

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Sounds like the guy got jumped and robbed. He then called 911 and when he saw you, he thought you might be one of the people who attacked him and since you were alone, he got brave enough to come after you. Sounds feasible, huh?

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I love hanging out in old cemeteries & always wonder if I'm looking at a ghost when I see other people.

I've never seen a transparent apparition, they've always been solid as if they were a living person so I'd bet there are tons of people who've seen a ghost & didn't even realize it.

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Hilarious. Kids get all amped up to bravely visit the the grave yard, and scatter like chickens over nothing. 


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