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Dreams that seem to come true?

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Ok this is a long post so I'm sorry about that.

TL;DR, I had a couple of dreams that came true when I was a kid, they've started happening again. I don't want them. How do I stop it?


Full version:

So, I'm not someone who particularly believes in any of this stuff, but some experiences I've had lately have spooked me into thinking maybe I was wrong.

My mother used to tell me I had clairvoyant powers when I was four years old. Apparently I used to always know if something bad was going to happen, like one time when my twin brother was at my dad's house, and I was at home with my mother (in a different city) and told her my brother had fallen off his bike. She called my dad, and he confirmed it. She told me another story about how I came into her room really early one morning and said something along the lines of "(brother's name) needs to go to hospital because he has luke-ma", then explained that I had dreamed about my brother in a hospital being told he has "luke-ma" and his hair starting to fall out. Sure enough, my brother was diagnosed with leukemia. Because of my warning it was caught early and he went into full remission very quickly, but he did lose hair during treatment.

Now I always chalked that up to coincidence, maybe I'd seen bits of a medical show featuring a leukemia patient, and noticed some of the same early symptoms in my brother, who knows?

But about three months ago I had a dream that my brother was in a city in Africa, sick with cholera. I hadn't seen him, or heard from or about him in several months (due to a falling out, I had avoided all contact with my family for quite some time), so I couldn't have heard anything. I sucked it up and called my mother and she said he was doing volunteer relief work in a small village in Somalia at the time, and she hadn't heard from him in several days. When she finally managed to contact him, he said he had been transported to a city to be treated for cholera. 

A month after that, when my brother was staying in my apartment for a bit just after coming back from Africa, I had a dream that his long term and long distance girlfriend was going to call him and break things off, because she was seeing someone else. I woke up that morning to find him crying on my couch, on the phone with his girlfriend, who was breaking up with him for someone else.

A couple of nights ago I dreamed that my dad had a fatal allergic reaction. As far as I knew, he wasn't allergic to anything, but I called him and he didn't answer, so I called my brother (who was staying with my dad at the time), he checked on dad to humour me, and found him struggling to breathe. He called an ambulance and the paramedics were able to save dad, and he's recovering fine.

I'm so confused and freaked out. I want to know how to get rid of these dreams. They're driving me crazy. I don't want psychic abilities. As far as I'm aware no one else in the family has stuff like this. Does anyone else have dreams like this or know how to stop it?

Thanks so much!

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3 hours ago, a.ham said:

Does anyone else have dreams like this?




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I do, I had and I want them back. Even now I encounter stages in life, certain places and ecwnts that I have dreamed off years ago. 

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On 28/10/2018 at 1:13 AM, a.ham said:

I don't want psychic abilities.

Well then you're in luck

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Just diarise your dreams.  Do it properly, no cheating, and then ask someone you trust to review your 'performance' with you.

I suspect you may find that it is your mind subtly changing your memories, reversing the order of dreams versus reality, etc....  You know, the sort of stuff that minds do.

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