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Lost Obscure Games Request

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Howdy! This is a post that randomly lists miscellaneous games made by Scott Cawthon, being lost to this very day. I was trying to find these games for a very long time, but to my demise; I misserably failed. So to speak, here are the games I wish to be recovered:

(1) (Clickteam) RPG Workshop Max 1.0 (SC GAMES INC.) (Game-Making Software)
(2) (Clickteam) Elemage (ScottGames) (RPG)
(3) (Clickteam) Gunball (ScottGames) (Action) (Shooter)
(4) (Clickteam) Ships of Chaos (ScottGames) (Action) (Shooter)
(5) (Clickteam) RPG Workshop Max 2.0 (SC GAMES INC.) (Game-Making Sofrware)
(6) (Clickteam) Lost Island (ScottGames) (Adventure)
(7) (Clickteam) Megaknight (ScottGames) (Action) (Platformer)
(8) (Clickteam) Demon Night (ScottGames) (Action) (Platformer)
(9) (Clickteam) War (ScottGames) (Simulation)
(10) (Clickteam) Dungeon (ScottGames) (???)
(11) (Clickteam) Dinostria (ScottGames) (Roam) (Adventure)
(12) (Clickteam) Moon Minions (ScottGames) (Online) (RPG)
(13) (Clickteam) Weird Colony (ScottGames) (Online) (Adventure)

Those are the ones that are unrecovered, but might still be lurking on the Internet. If anyone has the will to help me, that would be very appreciated. If someone doesn't, I don't mind! :P

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