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the Beta Incident -My Haunted House

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Say  did anyone watch  on the travel channel last night a show called My Haunted House? On one of the episodes, this woman  was housesitting a soroiety house at a southern university. In the episode the woman had these weird dreams of being chained up in the basement, and also woke up to see a man burning to death. She did some digging and found that  in the  1990s  the Beta Sororiety had some co-eds, about 17 in all, who experienced cuts on their bodies. The university covered everything up. Anyhow, she found out that the house had once been part of a plantation, and that the owner's son Thomas, would abuse the slaves. He later was murdered by them, which  might or might not have taken  place during Nat Turner's  slave rebellion back in the 1830s -1850s. Also someone hung themselves in the place.Trying to find out the name of this university to do more research since I'm curious about the whole thing.

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