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Blessed Mother icon was by Filippo Rusuti

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Castel Sant'Angelo is holding an exhibit of this painting of Blessed Mother and baby Jesus. It is one of the oldest and most venerated icons by Christians for the Blessed Mother's protection. It is preserved in St. Mary of the People Church in Rome.

It has just recently been restored. However, during restoration, they discovered that the painting is the work of Filippo Rusuti.  

He was an important Italian painter from 13thcentury Rome, along with Pietro Cavallini and Jacopo Torriti. One of his most famous works is the mosaic facade in the Basilica of St. Mary Major.

Video report: https://www.romereports.com/en/2018/10/28/ancient-icon-of-blessed-mother-with-baby-jesus-discovered-as-filippo-rusutis-work/

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Jesus modeled on Kelsy Grammer?

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Not A Rockstar

Dang, Kelsey been around that long? Whoa!

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