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Still Waters

Origin of the world's oldest natural mummy

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Still Waters

A legal battle over a 10,600 year old ancient skeleton—called the 'Spirit Cave Mummy' - has ended after advanced DNA sequencing found it was related to a Native American tribe.

The revelation has been published in Science today as part of a wide ranging international study that genetically analysed the DNA of a series of famous and controversial ancient remains across North and South America including Spirit Cave, the Lovelock skeletons, the Lagoa Santa remains, an Inca mummy, and the oldest remains in Chilean Patagonia. The study also looked at the second oldest human remains from Trail Creek Cave in Alaska—a 9,000 year old milk tooth from a young girl.



The Spirit Cave mummy, found in 1940, was at the center of a legal battle between a Native American tribe and anthropologists.



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they were able to dismiss a longstanding theory that a group called Paleoamericans existed in North America before Native Americans

 Read more at: https://phys.org/news/2018-11-dna-world-oldest-natural-mummy.html#jCp

This theory was just more genocide and land theft justification. 

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