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Parrot mimicking fire alarm fools firefighters

Still Waters

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Firefighters responding to an emergency call-out were stunned to find it was just a parrot impersonating a smoke alarm. 

The parrot's owner, Steve Dockerty, 63, was left baffled when fire crews banged on his door investigating a reported blaze at his house on Windsor Close, in Daventry, Northamptonshire at around 3.45pm on Wednesday.

However, they soon realised that the cause of the emergency call wasn't a fire but a cheeky 17-year-old African grey parrot named Jazz.


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  • The title was changed to Parrot mimicking fire alarm fools firefighters

This is awesome...lol

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Love African Greys. Very smart & can basically live with their owners for life. My friend had 1 and the parrot could be in another room and say my name knowing I was there even without seeing me. She also used to leave the radio on when she went to work and the parrot had probably a 70 word vocabulary.

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My grandmother had an African Grey that imitated her laugh.  Sometimes when I was over there shooting the breeze Grandma would go in the kitchen where the parrot was to get some coffee or whatever and I would hear her laugh and I would ask her what was so funny and she would say It's not me it's the bird :lol:

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