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Still Waters

Tiny Italian town catch 58k speeding in 2 wks

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Still Waters

When the tiny Italian town of Acquetico set up a trial speed camera, it did not expect to see a probable record: 58,568 speeding offences in just two weeks.

Local mayor Alessandro Alessandri set up the pilot after dozens of the 120 residents complained about speeding.

But even he could hardly believe the results that arrived on his desk.

The data showed, on average, a speeding car passed every few minutes in the 50km/h (31mph) zone - with the worst offender reaching 135km/h (84mph).

One Italian newspaper said the numbers suggested half of all cars travelling the route were speeding.


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no surprises, i've been to Italy, people do not respect traffic signs much, they do in Rome and big cities, but smaller towns and villages,, they are almost never enforced, and when a cop stops you, you can pay them off.

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It's weird, but speeding seems to be finished here more or less. I wonder what's happened here, like some sort of shift in the consciousness of 99% of drivers to make them realise it's naughty, that hasn't happened in Italy. 

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